Air Experience Flights (AEF)


You really can fly!You don’t need to know anything about powered planes or gliders – all you need to do is come out to Gawler and have an Air Experience Flight(AEF). An AEF gives you a quality introduction to flying in a high performance glider. It is a wonderful way to find out about gliding and have some fun at the same time.Your flight instructor will take you through the basics of flying and if you are really keen, let you fly the aircraft under their supervision. If you prefer, you can relax and take in the scenery, that’s ok too. The flight is yours. We can tailor the experience to your desires.If you succumb to the joy of flight, as many have, we will help you to achieve flying feats you might not believe possible. We can provide training in gliding and Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) from some of the best instructors and coaches in the world and we can do it with a safety record that is second to none.Come out yourself or give somebody you love a gift of a truly unique flying experience.You can book your AEF for any weekend however through the warmer months we may be booked out a couple of weeks in advance so book in as soon as you can. You can contact the club during office hours on (08) 8522 1877 or email at Its important to know that the ASC gliders are only rated to take passengers who are 110kg or less and that children over ten years of age are more suited to enjoy the experience of flight.The airfield is 45 minutes from the centre of Adelaide, conveniently located next to the Gawler Township.  Once at the airfield, please follow the signs to the office or ask an ASC member for details of which launch points are in use and how to access them.You will also need to fill out and sign an ‘Introductory Membership Application’ to the Gliding Federation of Australia and abide by the conditions therein. This is a simple step and can be filled out just before you go for your flight.
We look forward to making your experience with us an enjoyable one.We offer two introductory flight experiences - the Air Experience Flight and the Aerobatic Flight both at the same cost. Please remember to bring a hat and sunscreen with you for sun protection and by all means you may bring a camera and take photos as a memento of your flight with us. The club will also present you with a “Flight Certificate” to further celebrate your experience.And one last thing – we get a real buzz out of taking you flying.
Gift vouchers can be arranged by contacting the ASC Club Office