Air Experience Flights (AEF)


Yes you really can fly in a glider with us!

Just contact our office to organise visiting us at the Gawler Airfield on the doorstep of the famous Barossa Valley. Fulfil your dreams and soar majestically like an eagle through the air in a modern, high performance 2 seat glider.

Take a tow to 3000 ft behind a Piper Pawnee (powered aircraft) then release the rope and watch the Pawnee fly back to the ground while you use only the air currents to keep you adrift. With the peaceful sound of the gentle breeze as you glide through the air, there is nothing more beautiful and serene. What a stunning, environmentally friendly way to fly.

Your volunteer flight instructor will take you through the basics of flying and if you are really keen, let you fly the aircraft under their supervision. They may even give you the option of trying some aerobatics. Alternatively, you can just relax and take in the scenery. That’s ok too. The flight is yours.

If you wish to take your recreational aviation journey further, we can also help you to achieve your dreams of becoming a pilot. We provide training in gliding and powered Light Sports Aircraft (LSA). Learn with our team of volunteer instructors and coaches that have a safety record that is second to none. Come out yourself or give somebody you love the gift of a truly unique flying experience with one of our Gift Vouchers.

You can book your flight for any weekend and some weekdays too, however through the warmer months we may be booked out a couple of weeks in advance so book in as soon as you can.

Once your flying is done we recommend completing the day with a short drive to some of the worlds best wineries and restaurants in the nearby magnificent Barossa Valley.

What a way to spend a day!




Cost $295.00

We offer two gliding introductory flight experiences – The standard Air Experience Flight and the Aerobatic Flight. They are both the same cost. If you want to do aerobatics please let us know when you book so we can make sure that we have an instructor for you that is rated for them. Not all instructors are rated to do aerobatics.Your flight will be approximately 20 minutes. It may be less if you are having an aerobatic flight and it may be a bit more if you are just gently soaring over the local area and Gawler township.

There is a passenger weight restriction – maximum 110 kg. Children over ten years of age are more suited to enjoy the experience of flight and should be taller than 135 cm (4 ft 5 in). Anyone over the height of 195 cm (6 ft 4 in) may not find the seating position comfortable.

The airfield is approximately 45 minutes north, north/east from the centre of Adelaide in South Australia. We are conveniently located next to the Gawler township on the doorstep of the Barossa Valley.

Please remember to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with you for sun protection and by all means  bring a camera and take photos as a memento of your flight with us. The club will also present you with a “Flight Certificate” to celebrate your experience.

We are a not for profit club so all of our flight crew and instructors are fully qualified volunteers. We all love to give our time sharing our passion for recreational aviation with you.

We look forward to making your flying with us enjoyable and memorable.

Fulfil your recreational flying dreams today.

Give us a call during office hours on

(08) 8522 1877

or email at

Gift vouchers can be arranged by contacting the Adelaide Soaring Club office.