Pilot Resources


Local Airspace Map current as of the 15/5/2017

ASC Airspace Maps 2016


Visiting Pilots Information  Gawler Fly In Instructions July 2017


Airfield Operating Procedures for all pilots  ASC By-Law 7 v3 – Gawler Airfield Operational Guidelines


Gawler Airspace and Notam Explanatory Guide.

As members know our airspace is quite complicated around the Gawler area and it is important that all of our members and visiting pilots are aware of how it works. This document contains vital information for all pilots and is a bit of a read however it will be well worth the effort. Please study this document and educate yourself on our airspace.  Flying at Gawler – Airspace Briefing – April 2017 (1)


Gliding Register (Glider Pilots register an intention to fly)   http://www.adelaidesoaring.on.net/flying/index.php


LSA Pilots Booking Site (Powered Pilots book an Aircraft/Instructor here)   http://www.goboko.com/


Airservices Website to get NOTAMS     Area 50 Airspace notification


Latest Temperature Trace   Temperature Trace for Adelaide – Latest  


Weather Prediction Maps    RASP maps


Weather from the Bureau of Meteorology    Forecast for Adelaide


OLC  from 2011    ASC Online Competition Entries