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Archana, A Proud Student Pilot at Gawler

Archana, A Proud Student Pilot at Gawler


The following information relates to “Learning to Fly” our fleet of Jabiru Two Seat Powered Light Sport Aircraft and the necessary steps you need to take to achieve this goal.  Firstly you must be 15 years of age or older with a level of medical fitness that would allow you to drive a motor vehicle.  We will assist you to become a member of Recreational Aviation Australia (the RAAus) and obtain your Student Pilots Certificate.  Application forms are available from the Adelaide Soaring Club (ASC) office.  When you commence flying training you should acquire the following publications:

Ground training Manual 102: Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), by Jan & Val Dyson-Holland (needed from start)
Ground training Manual 103: Cross country Endorsement,  by Jan & Val Dyson-Holland (required later in training)
A Pilots Log Book (also needed from the start)
All publications are available from the Adelaide Soaring Club office.


As well as hands on flying training you are also required to learn the theory side of aeronautics, and be prepared to study segments from the Ground Training Manual fot Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), Flight Rules and Procedures and Pilots Radio Operations. In time this will be followed by a written examination with multiple choice answers.  Most students find the ground training reasonably straight forward and interesting.

You will begin flying an aircraft on your very first lesson, albeit with a qualified instructor by your side.  The amount of instruction training required for a restricted pilot’s rating is approx. 20 hours.  This also includes a percentage of ‘solo’ flights to practice certain segments of the training program.

All our instructors are qualified and registered with Recreational Aviation Australia and have undergone extensive training to become proficient with the flying training programme.

The club encourages pilots to follow the RAAus training syllabus at their own pace.  This means you can decide how much time (& money) you spend at Gawler and fit your flying in accordingly.  Bear in mind that when you are learning anything new you need to do it regularly.  We recommend that you train weekly, or at least one session per fortnight.

The Adelaide Soaring Club LSA aircraft operate 7 days per week weather permitting.  Currently LSA training is available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  We will help you to register and use our pre-booking system to maintain continuity of flying instructional time.  The bookng system is at  http://www.goboko.com/

If you are currently a glider pilot with a “C” rating or hold a General Aviation (GA), Private Pilots Licence (PPL) or higher, you may qualify for your Light Sport Aircraft wings in 5 hours.  Glider pilots will still need to study the BAK theory syllabus and sit for the exam.

Following the initial fees for joining the club, your books  and hourly aircraft hire charges, all our ground and flying instruction at the Adelaide Soaring Club is given freely by our instructors who volunteer their time for the benefit of the members.  Club based training is your ‘fun’ way to learn to fly!




We also welcome current suitably qualified pilots who wish to “Hire and Fly” aircraft from our fleet.  You will need to demonstrate you are a member of RAAus, hold a current pilot rating, and complete a satisfactory check flight.


Lake Eyre North from 6000 feet. Note the pink algie flowing in from the Cooper Creek

Lake Eyre North from 6000 feet. Note the pink algie flowing in from the Cooper Creek


Members who have completed their flying training have the pride and thrill of taking family and friends for exhilarating local flights over the ever changing BAROSSA VALLEY and ADELAIDE HILLS regions, or flying away to almost any fabulous location in Australia.  The Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre, Uluru and The Coorong to name just a few!

Weekends away are often planned by members, usually with 2 to 8 aircraft travelling in company.   “FLY-INS” are also common at other airfields, with their locals welcoming visitors with friendly lunch BBQs, dinners and breakfasts.  A variety of interesting aircraft from all eras of aviation usually attend these gatherings and great friendships develop.  Your photographic opportunities, both on the ground and of course from the air, will become stunning!


To check various aircraft availability and to book an aircraft..  you will need to use our booking site:-
http://www.goboko.com/    For more information please contact our office staff on (08) 8522 1877