Gliding or Soaring as it is also known involves flying in a fixed wing aircraft without an engine using thermals (rising air) to gain height. This is achieved by turning in circles in the rising air. Depending on the time of the year we can go higher than 10 000 feet in the summer while winter is lower but just as enjoyable. Many enthusiasts just enjoy flying around their local area while some people choose to go long distances cross country. We have many members who have flown more than 1000 km’s from Gawler up through the Flinders Ranges and back. Others just enjoy the thrill of Aerobatics. The Gliders are launched by taking an Aerotow which is a tow behind a powered aircraft or by winch which is like a long wire bungy chord. We only use Aerotow at Gawler which enables us to launch a lot higher.

There is nothing more exhilarating than when you look out from the cockpit to see a Wedge Tail Eagle enjoying the same thermal that you are.

So take a chance and come and see us out at Gawler with views up the beautiful Barossa Valley and start your introduction to the most placid extreme sport there is, Gliding.