Monday Ops

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Well, we are in for a near record of 6 day’s  over 35C! according to forecasters.  If it  gets to that today it will be muggy as hell, already I have had 1mm of rain. Yesterday, apparently got to 37C although I did not think it so whilst flying but alighting from my second flight, 52min, my shirt could well be wrung out. I did drink well during the flights and the day, however I must have been dehydrated as I had problems quenching thirst at the day’s end. We started from 05, I was a reluctant starter from there, but some had lined up. Had the second tow with the closest look at the bridge and sign that I have had for a long time! That was the last launch from 05! Operating from 31 for most of the day, seasoned pilots commented that was the lowest they had passed over the boundary fence in memory, just pays to think about which end you run from particularly on warm days. Surprise surprise, we ended the day at 23. I don’t know really what the stats were yesterday, I do know that there were 18 tows, all by JJ, (Gerry is away and hopefully safe on the road) there were several long flights, including VH-GNU. All available club gliders flew, the K7 being the only private glider on the line. Thermals when found were very strong and high but miles apart, some fell out of the sky quite quickly. Strong sink was more easily found than lift, except for Matt, he elected to do a full brake decent from 6,000ft. Early thermals topped out at 7,000, those that went a little later did better and reached the limit. Most of the 18 flights were passengers.


Last night after flying, and de-rigging the K7, was the Mon Mob Christmas gathering, there was a very good attendance with some notable apologies. Those no need to worry as you were remembered, and health drunk to. Mollie was present to reacquaint with old friends, she sniffed every post on the airfield just to check who had been around. Master of ceremonies Michael took charge of presenting some awards, “Faith Hope and with missing Charity”, replaced by “Lust”.  Bob Foreman presented some awards also that muchly appreciated. There were no claimants once again for the “Out of the Blue” trophy, this is the third year available on the suggestion by Terry Cubley, with no inaugural winner as yet.. Bob Foreman received the Eagle on the Hill, out of the Ashes to Reopening 1984, “Best and Fairest” in recognition to his services to Gliding over 60 years, well done Bob. I must say that there was plenty of food, once again more food than people, like when I say bring food to pool, I don’t mean everyone to bring enough to feed everyone! But it was very successful once again. The last one’s left after 9pm. The evening was convivial with season’s greetings a reflections passed on, to those present and absent.


Mollies Thought for the day: “The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured.”


Mon Mob will be operating next Mon 21st, hopefully a cooler day. Rob R, reverting to DOM…………