Monday Ops

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What a night! Lightning started at just after 12pm and lasted ‘til about 2am and was virtually nonstop. 15.75mm in my rain gauge, 12 of that fell in 10mins, at least the road gutters and footpaths are clean. Mollie was a bit nervous and sat shaking and dribbling for a hour.   Monday was a ‘different’ sort of day with the conditions being eerie, could tell there was something in the air, but not thermals. I doubt that we would have operated had there not been six Hong Kong visitors booked to fly. Sadly they could not reschedule so it was a case of fly or lose them. The air, was rough early but did settle down with it being a relatively good passenger flying day in the end. The six were flown in VH-ZDG for a total time on the clock of 122Min. Not a bad average. VH-GPF flew 5 flights for under 45 mins, V-FQQ was the only other aircraft to fly with the time in the air relative to the tow time. Speaking of tows, Gerry is away until about mid Jan and JJ, is now the default Mon Tow pilot unless he is called away, Thanks JJ, and wish Gerry a safe Christmas break on the road.

All of the Hong Kong visitors joined us in the Clubrooms after flying, and stayed! We only had a few of us and they outnumbered us by X2. Conversation was difficult and disjointed as two of them only had a reasonable command of the English language, but we managed and persisted for at least 1.5 hours. It was quite enjoyable actually and they may well think that after flying entertainment is the norm.

Next Monday we will have a BBQ/Christmas social. For those who wish to attend, Just bring some meat for the BBQ to share/pool and a salad. All Welcome.

Mollies Thought for the day:  “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, …it doesn’t matter.”

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