Monday Ops

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Wind, wind and even more wind! The top register was for 35Knots yesterday and as I sit here and write this, wind speed is increasing with gusts at present being 29Knots. With tons, yes I mean tons, of dirt in the form of dust coming from the Pinery/Mallala area the prudent decision was made not to open the hangar doors! Gliders remained in place all day. Passengers cancelled, tow pilot returning home a couple of us settled into a quiet debrief of the events of the past week, events that were bad enough without the help of the fire! Mollie is happy, Jack has gone back to his home in Hamley Bridge so she is getting a little more attention.


Yesterday was forecast to be a warm day with calm winds the week prior, next Monday is forecast to be another horror day for gliding, let’s hope that the reverse is the case.


Mollies thought for the day:  “We hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”