Monday Ops

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“Now I know what a feather feels like when it’s tossed around in a storm” was the comment from a very experienced pilot on Monday after a flight. The air was rough and certainly as rough as  had been for a very long time. On aero-tow the vario ranged from -2 to jammed on the stops, a circle ranged from +10 to -4  such was the day, all day, and it did not get better with age, the wind whilst averaging 10 – 11 knots was gusting to 18. (These conditions are becoming a bit of a habit!) Higher was better but at 4,500 the clouds were just over 5,000 and the couple that dared to go East found no greater height to be found to the North East of Nuriootpa but a tempting convergence line appeared later in the day somewhere out near Stonefield. We managed 10 tows, all done by JJ, who has not flown his Jantar yet, thanks for giving up your day JJ it was appreciated.   The 103 had 4 flights for 1hr 40min, the 505 had three flights for a similar air time.


Not all stayed for the post flight debrief and social, we were graced by a visitor, great to catch up with Rob prior to going interstate for the comps. Pete burnt the sausage rolls but that being the only hiccough, all went well. It was great to have a brand new student, with enthusiasm, washing off all the bugs from all the aeroplanes including the Tug, without being asked. That makes it much easier for the next flying day prep and yes, she stayed for some of the afters. Michael was away, in Atlanta, I understand, whilst missed, we did have someone to talk about, but conversation concentrated on flying and the day’s conditions until Pete and I were the soul stayers, then the subjects got a bit more diverse. What will next Monday bring? 29C with light winds forecast, one can only hope that it is combined with smooth broad thermals for a change.


Mollies thought for the day: “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”