Monday Ops

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As I sit here I just wonder what my display of hydrangeas will look like by tomorrow afternoon? Never mind, I guess they will recover but it may well be a cracking day up high. Mollie has a friend staying over for 10 days or so, Captain Jack is back! His Mum has gone to Queensland for a break. He was at a dog show on the weekend, however Mollie has reintroduced him to the fish pond and garden and I must admit that he looks pretty ordinary at the moment! Back to yesterday, but then I did not get started. The day was forecasted better than it was, a moderate wind sprang up and the result was the air, whilst buoyant and lift plentiful it was darn rough. We did have 6,500 Eudunda but the best that was reported was 5,900. G Rau achieved a climb of 4,500.  JJ once again filled in for Gerry and there was more private owners flying than club members. We had to change from 31 to 23 early in the pm. Michael flew a passenger and they were so taken that they stayed for the rigging of the K7 and the canapés afterward. Small world, their warehouse is opposite the Rau establishment. The 103 had 3 flights for 73min, the 1000 1 flight for 22min. Private owners had some good length flights.

It was a diverse lot, but depleted, that joined the usual after flying debrief, some had pm business to attend and were excused. Strangely, the Paris problem was not really talked of in detail, well not until there was just two of us left, then it got a hammering. Important other matters were, like what was the cheese we were eating etc. We also flagged a possible Mon Mob gathering for Christmas, this being more than likely the 14th Dec after flying. Just one other thing, a torch/flood light has been put in the hangar next to the tool-board courtesy of the Mon Mob, it’s date of arrival has been written beside it, when someone decides that they need it more than the club, could they please record the date that it was removed, thanks.


Mollies thought for the day:  “The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”


Rob R. DOOM.