Monday Ops

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Monday was a different sort of day, most Monday’s are, but after uncomfortable ones and windy etc, it was refreshing to be coolish with an abundance of cue early, well the cue stayed but thick cirrus came in over the top and the best lift retreated to the east, as usual. There was no doubting which end to use either with a good strength on the nose at 23…The 1000 had a couple of good flights early and totalled 4 flights for just 2 hrs whilst the 103 did 3 flights for just over the hour.

We stopped flying relatively early again, but this did not mean a early break-away from the field, Mick being the only one left when we did. Our catering officer made a guest appearance with the result of the table once again groaning under the weight of the snacks, thanks to those who contributed. With a lot of the Mon Mob being boaties we lamented the days gone by of the wooden boat, this whole discussion was brought about by my checking to see if a previous visited boat yard in the UK was still in business….it is! And it is better than most museums. Check it out I guess the day of the wooden aeroplane/sailplane has gone but wow, the possibilities! The question was asked, what DOM meant and after some considerable discussion/argument it was resolved, by majority, not mine, to be changed to DOOM! Serious subjects are discussed on Mondays. By the way, Mollie is fine and well, I have confined her walks to a well maintained public areas free of prickles, she even did the greyhound track last week, sand, not as fast though.

Mollies thought for the day:   “You should not bite the hand that feeds you. But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself.”