Monday Ops

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Monday was a sort of agonising day…..which end?  Swinging between 05 and 23 and favouring 13….My thoughts usually are that we end up at 23 anyway, but in the end we did go 13 and the wind stayed relatively strong there all day, and that is a bit unusual. The lift got stronger as well as the day went along, with the best lift at 4pm, up to 8Kts but just short of 4,000ft. Reckon that it would have stayed ‘til much later and possibly got better!. The 1000 had only one flight but for a logged time of 3min short of 3 hours…..well done. The 103, confined to training did 5 flights and logged 11min over 2 hours and this included a first solo, congrats to Bruce.

Once again, far too few in the clubrooms after, Bruce was on a high of course. Now I understand that next Monday we will see faces that have been absent recently. I have been promised that one will turn up even if the day is not flyable. Conversations covered subjects from dogs to gliders. We left relatively early, for a Monday, Next week, see what Monday brings.

Mollies Thought for the day: “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.”


Rob R   DOM