Monday Ops

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As I sit here in sunny WA, 31C, with pure blue sky, I ponder upon how different the weather was in  Gawler on Monday. It was obvious that there was plenty of moisture in the air and that the clouds were working very early, even when I was walking Mollie in the park. The conditions just looked good.  By the time we operated, the wind had gained a moderate amount of strength with good looking clouds all over and once again, quite cold. The stats speak for themselves with VH-GER doing two flights and logging over 2.5hours. VH-ZDG had four flights for a hour less than GER whist Ashok logged over 2.5Hrs in JN. Luke took VH-IUI for a re-familiarisation flight, just to see if he remembered how to thermal. The air was very rough in places, so much so that the limitation of 20min for Pass is a good policy, particularly if little or no previous experience in Gliders is known. We managed to get the fleet away, except for the Tug, prior to a sharp shower hitting the airfield just before 4pm. Did manage to remove most of the bugs though.

We settled in at the club for a debrief and discussion on the day’s events with the subject mainly about the surprising conditions. (Up to 8Kts, but there was appropriate sink to go with it.) The roughness of the air was discussed at length with reminiscences of those passenger that had ‘chucked’ during the flights of the past, this subject was a little raw with Michael, whilst eating, as his last experience was only about a hour previous. Luckily it was all caught. Bob and Pat joined us, and indeed Bob, as usual had the last flight of the day avoiding the looming approaching shower.

For those that read this, please note that I will be in Perth until next Tuesday and there will be no Instruction unless a Instructor volunteers. Tom Leech will be ‘on field’ and be able to act as supervisor for those who wish, and are able to fly solo. Pre Solo, Register your intentions, but be prepared to cancel. Remember also, Wednesday’s with Gabby away, is also doubtful, check the register.

Mollies thought for the day:  “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Rob R  DOM