Monday Ops

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Last day of Winter and what a change it was. Walking Mollie early there was not a cloud anywhere in the sky, generally this year been walking in mist/fog/rain. It panned out to be a very pleasant day indeed, with just a few clouds popping mid morning. These managed to encroach over Gawler by midday. First flights at 12noon saw both the 103 and 505 with extended flights but the lift was not extreme, on the contrary it was a bit uninspiring but 4,500 was achievable, and reached, chasing the retreating clouds to the Barossa ridge. They then stayed east of the ridge, but the lift continued, was just harder to find. The first two flights by GPF were both over the hour……..10 launches, all flown by Gerry, Ashok and Daryl both flew private Gliders for near on 3 hours each, 505 had two flights for a hour and a half, 103 had six flights logging three hours.

Michael was back, fresh from the wine festival in Jerusalem, and we all thought it was work. The catering officer woosed out, but all in all it was a jovial group that finished in the clubrooms and the debrief was extended. There just seemed to be a lot of activity around the place last night with model flying after cessation of ops etc. I really cannot tell what the main subject of discussion was but rest assured that if there was a problem, someone present had a solution.  We managed to break up just after dark, and that’s getting later, leaving the maintenance crew still working, There are some from yesterday that will be still smiling today.

Mollies thought for the day:”Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”